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Albums best enjoyed in their entirety.

In 2017, Scott Brooks brought a bunch of musicians together to form Scotch Club, an experimental music project focused on telling stories.

Defying strict genre, the ever evolving project aims to light up the imagination, using a hypnotic blend of words, extended instrumentals and diegetic sound.
​The group now has four releases under their belt: '2wenty 4our', a whirlwind tour through the day of a disillusioned twenty-something; 'Pong: 1' & 'Pong: 2', the first two parts of a political sci-fi triptych; & 'On My Own Again', a covid-19 lockdown project.

"A genre-bending, dystopian sci-fi fever dream of an album"

"The anthem for today!... an acomplishment beyond compare"

"If you're even VAGUELY interested in humanity, go listen to Pong in it's entirety"


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Scott Brooks

Rob Gathercole

Edward Hole


Euan Wilson

Timothy Mylechreest

Wesley Lineham

Jack Blakey

Celeste Collier

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