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Albums best enjoyed in their entirety.

Scotch Club is the passion project of composer/poet Scott Brooks. Beginning back in 2018, the project aims to create experimental story albums, collborating with various actors and musicians on the london scene.

Scotch Club now have five releases under their belt:
'2wenty 4our', a whirlwind tour through the day of a disillusioned twenty-something;
'On My Own Again', a reflection on the experience of lockdown;
'Pong: 1' & 'Pong: 2', the first two parts of a political sci-fi triptych;
And their most recent offering: 'evenings in alone', a nocturnal meditation.

"A genre-bending, dystopian sci-fi fever dream of an album"

"The anthem for today!... an acomplishment beyond compare"

"If you're even VAGUELY interested in humanity, go listen to Pong in it's entirety"


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Scott Brooks

Rob Gathercole

Edward Hole


Euan Wilson

Timothy Mylechreest

Wesley Lineham

Celeste Collier

Jack Blakey

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